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Labor Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing employers who have unionized workplaces. We are focused on assisting employers to achieve their goals in negotiating favorable terms of collective bargaining agreements and resolving disputed issues.

Over the years of representing employers, we have come to know our union adversaries and have gained their respect. Our established reputation in the labor field serves to benefit our clients.

The services we provide for unionized employers include:

Preventive Labor Relations

  • Supervisory training on union avoidance

  • Training supervisors in effective and legal methods to counter union organizing

  • Representation in administrative and court proceedings relating to union organizing


Unionized Environments

  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements

  • Advising employers on successful strategies for handling grievance and arbitration matters, unfair labor practice complaints, strike preparation, sales, mergers and plant closings

  • Representation before the American Arbitration Association, the Connecticut State Board of Mediation and Arbitration and other administrative agencies throughout the United States

  • Labor-related litigation

  • Union decertification petitions

  • General counseling on all labor matters

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